Plagiarism prevention project - Refairence

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Plagiarism is widely discussed in institutions of higher education. The project aims firstly to prevent  intertextual mistakes and plagiarism by means of target-group and subject-specific qualification, secondly by professional workflows and detection.

Intertextual mistakes appear due to disability and ignorance towards good scientific methods on one side to intentional fraud on the other side. To achieve intertextual correctness to the highest possible level and thus well written texts, prevention is the first and best measure to insure high quality results before detection and sanctionizing. Scholars, faculties, libraries, writing centres, registrar's offices, and academic administrations work on preventing plagiarism. The project envisages to support them with concepts, material, trainings, advice, and recommendations.

These materials and products will be provided not only for the collaborating universities, but also any other institution of higher education interested in using them (Creative Commons Licence).

Project details

Project title

Plagiarism prevention by target-group- and subject-specific qualification as well as professional plagiarism detection workflows.


Project duration

Jan 2014 - Dec 2016


Collaborating institutions


Funding institution

Innovation- and quality fund (IQF) by the Ministry for Science, Research and Arts and the universities of Baden-Württemberg.

Funding amount: ca. 500.000 EUR